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Legend & Symbols
Legend & Symbols
Navimec Illuminated solution:-
Illuminated Navimec is a five position switch solution ideal for data entry devices where joystick function is needed. It has a select switch in the middle and four navigational switches around it. Suggested best used with the 4F switch, but 3F can also be used. The solution is available as a module as well as single parts for own PCB mounting.

Controlmec illuminated panel sealed solution:-
Controlmec is a five position integrated switch solution designed for outdoor, dusty and humid applications. The solution can have illuminated legends. Used with the 5series switch.

Round reverse-printed illuminated Cap:-
1F cap used on a 3F or 4F switch can be illuminated with a symbol that is reverse-printed on the lens.
Square And Rectangular
Square And Rectangular
Rectangular Cap with a rectangular lens:-
Cap 1Q is a rectangular cap with rectangular lens in the middle, to fit the 3F & 4F series illuminated switches.

Rocker style Cap with rectangular lens:-
1H cap is a rocker-function pushbutton cap. It has a rectangular lens illumination, and can be mounted on the 3A, 4A and 5 series switches.

Rocker style Cap + Bezel with rectangular lens:-
1C cap with 2C/2D bezel is a rocker-function pushbutton solution. 1C cap and 2D bezel have a lens illumination, and can be used with the 3A, 4A and 5series switches.
Full Illumination
Full Illumination
Round Cap with a fully illuminated top:-
Cap 1F is in solid colour but has a big round lens on the top. The cap range provides many colour combinations. Used on the 3F and 4F switches.

Rectangular illuminated Cap:-
1X series provides options in fully illuminated rectangular caps. There are two transparent colour options - transparent and frosted white. Used on the 3F and 4F switches.

Fully illuminated square Caps:-
1K/1KB/1KC are square caps with excellent illumination possibilities. 1K has a flat top, 1KB a concave top and 1KC a convex top. Used on the 3F and 4F switches.

Fully illuminated Softline Caps:-
1T/1U/1V are Softline caps with great illumination possibility. 1T is a square shaped, 1U round and 1VS half-ellipse shaped. The caps have a rounded top that provides good tactile feel to the operator. Used on the 3F and 4F switches.

Panel-sealed illuminated Cap:-
Aquamec is a switch solution that has IP67 sealing from the front panel. The series is based on the Multimec 3F series and can provide excellent illumination with the transparent cap.

Teardrop-shaped illuminated Cap:-
1N cap has an interesting shape and provides unique design options. Used on the 3F and 4F switches.

Transparent Cap Ø9.6mm:-
1D cap series consists of round caps with Ø9,6 mm and overall height with the switch is 14.9mm. 1D11 is transparent and 1D16 is frosted white colour. Used on the 3F and 4F switches.

Fully illuminated Cap for foil overlay:-
1Y is a cap especially designed for foil overlay. It has full illumination and SMD option with the Multimec 3E switch.

Round Cap with soft edges:-
1JS cap series is just 10.4 mm high with the Multimec 5G switch making it the lowest illuminated cap in MEC product range. The cap is excellent for foil overlay. It was designed with soft edges in order to extend the lifetime of the foil.

Small fully illuminated round Cap:-
Cap 1IS is a small round cap in transparent colours. It has four different height options, and is used on the 5series switch.

Fully illuminated rectangular Cap:-
1PS a series of 6.5 mm x 12.5 mm rectangular caps. 1PS cap is provided in 2 transparent colours, and is used on the 5series switch.
Dot Illumination
Dot Illumination
Spot illuminated round Cap:-
1E is a round solid colour cap with a small round lens in the middle, and is used on the 3F & 4F switches.

Rectangular Cap with a round lens:-
Cap 1R offers a great illumination option with its round lens in a rectangular cap. Used with the 3F & 4F switches.

Small variable height illuminated Cap:-
1LS is a small round cap with a lens in the middle. 1LS cap series provides flexibility in cap and lens colour as well as in height, and is used on the 5series switch.