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Keystone Electronics Corporation Battery HoldersMEC Multimec Switches and Unimec Switches MEC Unimec Switches Double Pole Unimec seriesTactile Switches, Slide Switches and Push Switches Transistor Insulating Bushes and Shoulder WashersTransistor Insulating Washers in Aluminium Oxide / Mica / Laird Tech Silicone Rubber Transistor Insulating Kits MK Series, Diode Insulating KitsTransistor Mounting Pads (Transipads) & Plastic PCB Hardware Solder Tags, Solder Lugs & Terminals from Collett Utilux (Klauke) Tags & TerminalsRoss Courtney, Oddie & SavignyTajimi Connectors (TMW) Metal Circular ConnectorsConnector Kitting ServiceNeon Indicators for Panel MountLED Indicators for Panel MountMicro SpotlightsMetric Spacers Standoffs & PillarsDIN Rail Plastic Housings and DIN Rail Enclosures from Elbag
Founded in 1974 to supply electronic components to an increasing number of our plastic moulding customers, MECI Ltd (was MEC International / Moulded Electronic Components) has grown into a thriving distributor of electro-mechanical components, interconnect solutions and PCB switches.

Building on our reputation for supplying Transistor Mounting Pads, ( Transistor Pads equivalents to Jermyn Manufacturing, Winslow & Milton Ross Transipad parts ), Insulating Washers in Mica, Warth (now Laird) TG500 Silicone Rubber, (Ceramic) Aluminium Oxide, Insulating Bushes, Insulating Shoulder Washers and Plastic PCB Mounting Hardware, MECI Ltd has established long term partnerships with a number of key manufacturers and suppliers of Transistor pads and insulating hardware, including most recently ASSMANN.

MECI has distributed the interconnect components of KEYSTONE Electronics Corporation for many years. Their wide product range includes AA Battery Holders, Battery Contacts, Coin Cell Clips and Coin cell Holders, Fuse Clips and Fuseholders, Screw Connectors, Phono Jacks and LED Spacers.

Another long term partner is MEC DENMARK, whose widely acclaimed MEC switches include MULTIMEC 3F and UNIMEC modular PCB switches are stocked in depth. NAVIMEC, ILLUMEC, AQUAMEC, FOILMEC and VARIMEC types are also available.

In more recent years, we have added to our switch portfolio with the addition of low cost miniature tactile switches from INNOCENT ELECTRONICS for high volume commercial applications.

Crimp Terminals are supplied to us by our long term partner COLLETT TERMINALS, whose parts are specified on a great many drawings, and whose parts in many cases are equivalents to those of the old Ross Courtney Company. Both the loose and reeled terminals made by UTILUX (now Klauke) are offered, as too is a Connector Kitting service, whereby all your connector and cable assembly needs can be supplied in a single shipment.
TAJIMI TMW's ranges of metal circular connectors, both waterproof and Push-Pull, can be included in this connector package, as can ASSMANN WSW's IC Sockets, and IDC Connectors from Speed to special order.

The ranges of panel mounting Neon Indicators formerly handled in the UK by IMO are now part of our product portfolio. These inexpensive yet high quality Neon Indicators are available with a range of attractive coloured lenses, and in a variety of panel cut-out sizes, and stylish LED Indicators are also offered from the same European source.

In many cases, MECI can offer near equivalents or alternatives to many of the old Ross Courtney Tags and Terminals, and can also offer original Oddie and Savigny Turn (Quarter Turn) Fasteners, Toggle Latches, Hinges and Carrying Handles previously supplied by Ross Courtney.

MECI is constantly striving to enhance the ranges of products it offers to its customers, and has signed an agreement to handle for the UK the ranges of DIN Rail Housings and Din Rail Enclosures for electronics made by ElBag in Italy.