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June 2022 Update - Oddie Studs / Oddie Fasteners4th Jul 2022
Supply of the famous Oddie Quarter-Turn Fasteners (Oddie Studs) can be resumed.
A new buyer for the previous UK manufacturer has been found, and MECI can once again offer these parts subject to certain minimums etc. Thank you for your patience.
MECI can still supply many of the original quick release Oddie ┬╝-Turn (Quarter Turn) Fasteners formerly offered through the old Ross Courtney company or First Components, and similar to many Dzus or Turnlock types.

Contact MECI on or ....

Jan 2022 Supply Issue - Oddie Fasteners17th Jan 2022
Supply of the famous Oddie ┬╝Turn Fasteners has temporarily ceased as the UK manufacturing site for these items has gone into Receivership. A buyer for that Company is being sought, and we hope to resume supply of these parts in the near future. Thanks for your patience.
Parts from the Savigny company are unaffected and can continue to be sourced through MECI.

Keystone 1/4in Male Tabs on Continuous Reel17th Jan 2019
A new packaging format is offered by MECI for the popular ┬╝ inch Male PCB Terminals from Keystone Electronics.

They are specifically designed on a continuous reel (strip) to be fully compatible with standard auto insertion equipment ┬ľ so reducing assembly and processing time.

Made from Brass with a tin-plate finish, these terminals enable easy installation and soldering to a PCB, and are packaged on reels of 10,000 as a drop-in replacement for existing products.

For the standard ¼” Terminal on ....

Keystone SMT Male Quick-Fit Terminals17th Jan 2019
These Male Tabs made by Keystone Electronics Corp and offered here by MECI are specifically designed and packaged for use on PCBs in the same manner as other SMT components.

As an SMT device, these new Quick-Fit Terminals reduce scrap and handling times, whilst minimising damage to the PCB that may occur when using traditional mounting of Through-Hole Terminals.

The design of these Terminals also helps to keep them perpendicular to the PCB, so that the relative position is maintained during ....

Larger Size LD Series Panel Mounting LED Indicators from MECI4th Jul 2017
From the same European source as their established ranges of Neon and LED Indicators, MECI now offers an expanded range of panel mounting LED Indicators.

Building on the established hole cutout sizes of 6 / 8 / 9 / 10mm, the new additions are for larger 12mm and 13mm cutouts, and are offered with panel nut fixing, and either ┬╝in Faston terminals or 6in wire leads.

The full spectrum of LED colours is offered, as is a choice of rounded ....

High Stability Quick-Fit PCB Screw Terminals27th Feb 2017
An expanded range of PC mounting Screw Terminals is now available from MECI Ltd.

The new parts from Keystone Electronics include through-hole terminals with Quick-Fit tabbed legs for simple connectivity.
They provide quick and secure attachment for wire-to-board connectors, making them ideal for installation on devices with female fast-on connections.

Rated at 15 and 30 Amps, these new terminals are made from Brass with a tin-plated finish. Options are to have the terminal ready-assembled as P/N 1217, or as a body-only as ....

Universal SMT Female Receptacles27th Feb 2017
Newly offered by MECI are these SMT Female Tab Terminals from Keystone Electronics. They offer cost-effective design options for SMT applications on PCB's.

The unique design allows Male Tabs from 2.54mm to 6.35mm to be inserted from either a horizontal or vertical position, giving designers the chance to change mating terminals without the need for re-engineering.

The mounting strength of these Terminals is enhanced with a stable tri-leg design, also serving to keep the terminal perpendicular during the solder process.

Made from ....

i-Clamp IDC Wire Connectors24th Nov 2016
Newly introduced by Keystone Electronics at the recent Electronica show in Munich and offered here by MECI is the One Way Series i-Clamp for splicing several wires together.

Designed for labour and time saving, the One Way Series connectors eliminate the need for twisted wire splices and the need for bulky wire fixing nuts or insulating tape.

Connections can be inspected as the I-Clamp housing is translucent, and the junction box has a tidy appearance due the lack of these ....

i-Clamp IDC Wire Connectors24th Nov 2016
Newly introduced by Keystone Electronics at the recent Electronica show in Munich and offered here by MECI is the Two Way Series i-Clamp for adding fixtures or components.

Designed for labour and time saving, the Two Way Series connectors are made with a unique dual channel feature, allowing pre-assembly of the connector onto a fixture or component.

One channel of the I-Clamp can be permanently added to the wiring of the component so that it cannot get lost during the mounting ....

i-Clamp IDC Wire Connectors22nd Nov 2016
Newly introduced by Keystone Electronics at the recent Electronica show in Munich and offered here by MECI is the T Series i-Clamp for branching wire connections.

Designed for labour and time saving, the T Series connectors are made for branching off a common wire run, and are ideally suited to wiring several fixtures in parallel, such as lighting installations.

The main wire run remains as one length, eliminating the need for a junction at every fixture, and the i-Clamp simply hinges open ....
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